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Data Entry - Yellow Pages and White Pages Keying

Our highly skilled team of data experts have extensive experience in Yellow and White Pages data capture. This results in your data being keyed accurately and in a timely manner. With Data Link Solutions, you will receive the most complete data capture possible.

We will key and key verify your information to assure its accuracy. This entails one team of data entry operators entering the data. Then, a second team of data entry operators keying the data again over the first team's data. Whenever a different character is keyed then the operator must determine which character is correct. If a correction is made then the operator must enter the data again in order to verify the correction. This proven process provides you with a very clean and accurate snapshot of the original data.

    Our yellow pages and white pages keying includes:

If you would like we can include the bold or better white pages advertisers with your yellow pages capture for a more complete profile of the advertising revenue within a directory.

    Listing Analysis Reports available include:

Conversion of classification verbiage  to your heading numbers:

Our conversion of classification verbiage to numbers is always complete! We do not provide files with bogus heading numbers unless you request them. When you import your data into your system all of the headings will already be resolved to your headings file. Our process is automated, so once you have resolved a particular heading, we will not ask you to resolve it again. This ensures consistent conversion of verbiage and reduces the time you spend dealing with classifications found within source directories that do not have a match in your headings file. Let us take care of those details for you so your staff can focus on more productive tasks.

Please see our Value-Added Services for other enhancements we can provide to your listing data.

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