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Let us solve your data conversion challenges! We have many years of experience in converting telephone company data from its original form into a format that can be directly loaded into your publishing system. We have an extensive library of programs designed to properly convert most of the telephone company formats currently in existence. Chances are we already have the ability to convert the listings you have acquired for your directory. However, if we do not, we will develop the program at no cost to you! That's right, no additional fee for programming!  After all, why should you pay for us to program a new format and the next client who uses it not have to pay?

We go a step beyond just converting your data. We send the data through extensive data checks to ensure the integrity of the data before we send it to you. We check for listings missing a name or phone number, validation of business, residential, professional, and government indicators, listing compliance to standards and much more. Telephone company data frequently embeds community names at the end of the address field; we will extract the community name from the address and place the data in the community field where it belongs.

Some telephone companies are now providing classification information within their white pages listing information. We can load and pass forward this information in a yellow pages format for import into your publishing system.

Our turnaround time for data conversions is extremely fast! We can usually convert and send the data to you within a day or two. If you have a rush project, just let us know and we can convert and ship on the same business day. To avoid additional shipping costs and shorten turnaround time, we can send disk files via E-mail or FTP, so you can have your data as soon as it is converted. In addition, you can have the data sent to us directly from the telephone company rather than being sent to you first. This way you do not have to take an additional day or two to ship the package to us and you don't have to pay yet another shipping charge. 

Please see our Value-Added Services for other enhancements we can provide to your listing data.

Service is number one to us. If there is anything we can do to help, simply let us know! 

Click here for our contact information and put our data conversion expertise to work for you!

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